Home Physiotherapists

Qualified Physiotherapists in the comfort of your own home

Home Physiotherapists

Together with our associate, Synapse Physiotherapy, we understand that some conditions or injuries can make it difficult to receive rehabilitation at the centre, be it mobility or transportation issues. Our objective is to provide our home physiotherapy visits with the same high-quality therapy that you would receive in-clinic.

Diagnosis and Treatments include

We offer a wide range of home physiotherapy tools and techniques in your home including: exercise therapy, postural training, manual therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy and more. We will lay out a clear home rehabilitation plan, and will provide you with the treatment that you need. We will also provide instruction and encourage you to continue working towards your rehabilitation goals on your own, between visits.

The HomeGP Medical Partner Network is a team of experienced and trained healthcare practitioners offering healthcare services at the comfort of your home. All of the physiotherapists on the HomeGP network are made up of chartered and registered physiotherapists to offer you professional and experienced care. Find out how you can be part of the HomeGP Medical Partner Network.


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